Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dear Dreamer,

Dare to DREAM! And don't you ever stop. Dreaming is such a beautiful thing. It's a place that lets your mind wander and escape reality just for a little bit. A place where all your thoughts come together and in some sort of way actually make sense. It's something special when you have a thought and your brain takes it and shapes & molds it into something attainable. Something powerful. It's so powerful that you sometimes become numb to your surroundings. To others, it looks like you're frozen in time. Not moving. Not blinking. Just lost in thought. And there is nothing wrong with being lost in thought as long as you know how to find your way back.

Among those thoughts that you're thinking of there is a dream. A dream is equivalent to a masterpiece. Think of it like this. You're the artist. Your paint brushes are your thoughts. And the canvas is your mind. As you go through life, you experience things and those experiences are your paints. When you combine those experiences and thoughts, you end up creating one big masterpiece: a dream.

With that dream, you start to develop a sense of excitement.

A sense of creativity.

As well as a sense of fear.

Maybe you feel like the dream that you have carefully nurtured for years and finally became comfortable with now seems like a distant star in the night sky. You can see it but you can't quite reach it.

But I tell you...don't be afraid. And don't you ever let anyone tell you that dreaming BIG is WRONG! Those who dream big do big things. 

And you know what?

YOU can be that person! YOU can do big things! And YOU have the ability to take something abstract-like a thought-and turn it into something concrete-like a reality. If you want to be the next President of the United States, you can be it. If you want to be the next Serena and Venus Williams or Michael Phelps. The next big Broadway star. Actress or Actor. Singer. Musician. Artist. Journalist. Writer. Doctor. Lawyer. Teacher. Chef. The list goes on and on. You can BE it.


Because dreams are LIMITLESS. There's no rule limiting the amount of dreams you can have for yourself. So dream big! Reach for the stars! You can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it! You can be anything you want to be as long as you believe in yourself and have the passion, desire, and motivation to succeed. 

So... I say this again. Dare to DREAM! Dreaming is such a beautiful thing.

 I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to "stay classy" :) Btw, let me know down below what your big dream is; I would LOVE to read your responses.


  1. This is something that I think that everyone should read. It is very uplifting and a good way to brighten your day.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks for the sweet comment!:)

  2. My dream is to become a passionately kind person and a really successful musician. I want to do what I love but spread an overwhelming message of peace and love and positivity.

    1. This sounds like a wonderful dream to have. Best of luck to you in achieving them. I know you can! :)


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