Sunday, October 15, 2017

dorm room tour| 2017-2018

Hey MTV, welcome to our crib!😜

Before I give you guys a sneak peak into my roommate and I's dorm room, I want to express how overwhelmingly happy I am with the positive responses to wanting to see a dorm room tour!! It made my heart so happy to know that you guys were excited to see the room just like I was excited to decorate my side. Okay, I won't keep you guys waiting any longer. Enjoy!!

So without further ado...

Tara's side:
hey y'all, it's Tara, Jasmine's roommate! I'll be telling y'all a little bit about my side of the room. first things first, all of my bedding is from Target. the floral throw pillows are from either TJ-Maxx or Marshall's, but I can't remember which. lol. the stuff on the far wall is calligraphy I like to do in my free time. I hope to expand it to the whole section of the wall but for right now I just have a few pieces!
this is where I waste my life away studying! wooooo!!! just kidding, I do study a bit in the dorm but I recommend finding a study spot outside of the dorm where you know you're not going to fall asleep (hey it's Jasmine and I am guilty of studying outside the dorm all the time!)
so like my bedroom at home, I don't really have a theme. I like both my room both at home and in the dorm to exemplify myself. the guitar canvas is from Kirkland's, the "girls bite back" sign is from Brandy Melville, and the small world map is from Urban Outfitters. these are up there because I love playing music, traveling, and I can be very sassy. I have a bulletin board with a few keepsakes from college so far like my eclipse glasses, my class schedule, and a few nice notes left on our door from girls in our hall. the heart wall was made by printing out 4 x 6 pictures of my friends and I at Walgreens! we weren't hanging out at Walgreens, that's just where I printed out the pictures😹
ok there's not much to say about this. this portable chest of drawers is from Bed Bath and Beyond. to be honest, the top of it looks a lot cuter in real life. I have a salt rock lamp from Earthbound, and I keep my Bible and the book I'm currently reading up there as well. I just put hoodies in two of the drawers and miscellaneous stuff in the others.
very interesting, I know. but the curtains are from Marshall's I believe and the fairy lights strung around our room are from Walmart.
BUT FIRST, COFFEE! this Keurig is from Target and I think the color is adorable. and of course, I've gotta rep the Vols even though I don't go to UT! I got the mug at Francesca's. 

let's be honest. drawers never look like they came straight outta Pinterest. it's super easy to throw stuff in them and they get cluttered. if you don't want to purchase a drawer organizer like me, just take the basic steps of keeping your supplies drawers in order and your life will be so much easier, I promise!
I like to keep healthy snacks in the dorm to avoid gaining the freshman 15. I have a collection of popcorn, trail mix/ almonds, Luna protein bars, and coffee pods in here, along with an assortment of food utensils and two more mugs.
I haven't decided what I want to do with this area yet. soooo...... moving on!
this is my beloved ukulele's throne. lol just kidding but I like to have this basket of throw blankets just in case I get cold (which is all the time). the basket is from Target, and the laptop pad on the left is from Bed Bath & Beyond and has white fur on it, which I think is really cute!
this adorable sign is from Altar'd State!
I do like this rug, but honestly, I don't recommend purchasing a white rug because rugs are already a hassle to wash and white ones get dirty very quickly. I still like how it looks, though! my side of the dorm is still a work in progress but I really like it so far. hope y'all enjoyed seeing my side of it! :)


 My side:
Aw snap, it's my turn! Basically, my room's theme is classic/neutral with a pop of color a.k.a black, white, and sea foam green. I got the bedding at Ross on sale (SCORE!!) and I bought the gray blanket from Marshalls to pull from the little gray arrows on my pillow!
Tbh, the area under my bed is pretty basic. I use a storage bin to hide extra things I couldn't fit in my drawers or closet and this drawer set is from Target's dorm collection, which stores some of my towels, hair & makeup products, and miscellaneous things. Btw, my grandma made that blanket for me when I was little. Thanks granny!😊
Fun fact: You can't tell from the picture, but my clothes are, for the most part, color coded. Honestly, it makes picking out outfits in the morning easier since most of my wardrobe is like my room: neutral with pops of color. P.S. My curtains are from Marshalls.
I bought this laundry basket from Marshalls because it's super cute and says "the bath" in French and really anything in French sounds 10x better:). Also, it can hold up to a week or so of clothes and it has drawstrings, which makes it a little bit easier to carry down to the laundry room
Luckily, I found some office decor items from Home Goods that matched the sea foam green from my bedding. And then, I just added a whiteboard (painted the outside w/ black paint) and a couple of canvas art to spruce up the plain white wall.
Here is an example of the inside of one of my drawers. I promise you it doesn't always look this tidy, but I try to keep my books in one place and organized by classes, so I can grab them and go. 
Before I graduated high school, I got some of my friends and teachers to sign this blank canvas (from Michael's) with colorful markers to add a touch of sentimental value and a pop of color:)
One of my sisters gave me this pretty, golden art frame! I love it because it makes me feel like a girl boss! Plus, I'm happy that it hasn't fallen down on my face yet since it hangs above my bed. *knock on wood*
Polaroids are S'CUTE, so of course I had to create a little wall decor with them. All I used was some twine, mini clothespins, and Command strips from Michael's. I also left some space below just in case I wanted to add more to the wall in the future. 
I got this trash can for I think $4 at Wal-Mart! It definitely was not a WASTE of money😜
You can't tell from the picture, but this rug from Marshalls is SUPER SOFT and matches my neutral color scheme!!
No room is complete w/out dedicating a whole drawer to snacks. P.S. I also have more snacks in my closet😜

Things we share:
What a beautiful mess we have under our sink!
Our fridge look so neat in this picture, but trust me, it doesn't look that way anymore🙈

Thank you Tara for collaborating with me on this blog post and thank you guys for taking the time to read it! I hope you guys have a great week and I'll catch you next Sunday:)

Don't forget to "stay classy"💜

P.S. Just for fun, comment down below how many times Tara says "y'all" and I say "pop of color"😜


  1. YOUR DORM IS SO CUTE *all the heart-eye emojis* love the style and the color schemes!! and Altar'd State is like my favorite store ever!! *fangirl screams* <3

  2. THANKS SO MUCH ABBIEE!! Oh yeah, my roommate loveeees Altar'd State!! :)

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