Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dear Dreamer,

Dare to DREAM! And don't you ever stop. Dreaming is such a beautiful thing. It's a place that lets your mind wander and escape reality just for a little bit. A place where all your thoughts come together and in some sort of way actually make sense. It's something special when you have a thought and your brain takes it and shapes & molds it into something attainable. Something powerful. It's so powerful that you sometimes become numb to your surroundings. To others, it looks like you're frozen in time. Not moving. Not blinking. Just lost in thought. And there is nothing wrong with being lost in thought as long as you know how to find your way back.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, Who Dis?

OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't believe 2016 is officially over. It was definitely one for the books. So much happened this year, some good and some bad. Regardless, thank you for the memories 2016, but it's time to create new memories with 2017. So without further a do...

WELCOME 2017!!!  I hope you treat us right and I look forward to seeing what you have in stored for us.

The Power of a Hug

It has been said that a hug can help release oxytocin and dopamine, which can improve social bonding, relieve stress, and improve happiness or pleasure.

A while ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a social experiment: hugging someone for 4 minutes straight. Some people who hugged were: a mother and daughter, roommates/bffs, a couple with an adorable baby (😍), and many more.

I always enjoy watching these types of videos not only because I'm interested in social experiments but to see what emotion can be evoked by watching them. Normally, I constantly smile through these videos-and I did with this video-but it also evoked another emotional response.

Behind the Blog//Get To Know Me Pt.1

"Askin' all them questions. Askin' all them questions. Why you askin' all them questions...making statements...ASSUMING!" Does anyone else remember that song from YouTube? No? Just me?

Well anyways, I feel like you deserve to get to know the person behind the blog. If we're going to go on this "stay classy" journey together, I think you should get to know who I am. So, I decided to do a little Q & A for you guys.  I asked a bunch of my friends to send me random questions to answer. Some are fun and out-of-the-box while some are thought-provoking and deep. They sent me a TON of questions, so there will be a pt.2 and pt. 3 coming soon. Without further a do...

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