Sunday, February 25, 2018

Passion Story of the Month|February 2018

Happy Sunday lovelies!! Can you believe February is almost over!?!? It felt like yesterday we were just welcoming 2018 and now we are almost two months into the new year! I'm going to need time to slow down just for a little bit. Like seriously...I, as well as many of my friends, are more than half-way done with our freshman year of college!!!! Like what?!?!

Okay, enough reminiscing on the fact that time is going wayyyyy too fast. There's nothing we can do about it besides make the most of out each day.

So today I am happy to share with you guys February's Passion Story: Martia (Tia) Shaw! We went to the same high school and although we never had a class together, I could tell by her instagram and snapchat posts that she has an incredible eye for photography, which you will learn more about in her Passion Story😉

So without further ado...

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