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Hiiii! My name is Jasmine and welcome to “Stay Classy by Jazzy”, a college lifestyle blog that shares college tips & tricks as well as the stories of talented & passionate people. Originally, this blog started out as a way for me to share my life experiences with others and motivate them to live their life to the fullest, but now my vision for my blog has matured and changed a bit. I’m still empowering and motivating people, but I’ve added another element: PASSION! 

Passion is incredibly contagious, and I want every reader to know that they should be fearless in pursuit of their passions. 

By no means have I figured out all my passions in life, but we can figure them out together!😄

So I encourage you to take flight with me into this crazy yet exciting world and let me be your #1 cheerleader!!! 

WE CAN DO THIS!! I believe in us!! 

Are you ready to pursue a life of passion OR conquer college like a BAWSE??

Mission Statement:

To create a platform where I share advice and tips about college as well as empower & motivate my fellow millennials to pursue their passion(s) with open arms by sharing their passion story.

Check out this blog post>> What is a Passion Story? It'll tell everything you need to know!!

I'm SUPER EXCITED about this new stage in my blog and I can't wait to see our little community grow!! 💜💜

Yours truly,

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