Monday, July 10, 2017

Travel Diary: Chicago

Hey lovelies! It has been a hot minute since I have updated my blog. I know. I know. In the beginning of the summer, I said I would upload every Sunday, but I feel like it's more important for me to post content that I am proud of sharing and have spent quality time working on versus creating content to just have something up. So yes, I have missed 2 Sundays in a row, but let me tell you why. For the past week, I've been in Chicago spending some much needed quality time with family especially my older sisters. It's not often I get to "play" tourist and explore a city that's so rich in art, culture, music, food, and countless other things that would involve way too many commas for this sentence😜. Of course you know I had to take of advantage of this opportunity, so I decided to make another travel diary video. If you haven't seen my 1st travel diary video, click this link: Travel Diary (Hawaii)

Now sit back (or stand up/it's a free country😆). Relax (maybe in a recliner?) And enjoy!(preferably with some popcorn 😄🍿)  Let me know down in the comments below if you like these travel diary style posts:) and most importantly, don't forget to "stay classy".😊



  1. Jasmine. Girl. Your editing skills are ������! You did such an excellent job; I love your travel diary posts (as well as all of your other posts��)! You continue to be an inspiration; keep it up❤

  2. Thank you sooooo much for the sweet comment!! It honestly made my day and I am glad you enjoyed it:)

  3. This is so fantastic! I've always wanted to go to Chicago:)

    1. Thank you so very much Grace!! You should definitely go to Chicago one day! I think you would enjoy it:)


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