Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's In My Backpack? | college edition

*QUICK EDIT: I know that school has been in session for about a month now for most people, BUT I liked how this post turned out, so that's why I'm sharing it with you guys! Please don't judge me!😅🙈 lol*
Okay guys don't judge me, but I actually enjoy buying school supplies for the new school year. Is that weird??🙊🙈 I don't know why I do. I guess there's something about having a fresh start and getting a chance to reorganize your life in some shape or form. Out of all the school supplies available, my favorite thing to purchase is a planner, especially the ones with cute, minimalist designs and quotes! I'm a Type A person, which means I love structure and planning out my day, and planners are absolute life-savers! If you don't have one, you need to get one RIGHT NOW! 

Anyways, there are so much more to school supplies than just planners and when you are in school, whether it be elementary, middle, high school, or college, you need to have all the right materials to help you be prepared and ace your classes!

Below are some of my favorites and must have school supplies that help me stay sane while juggling homework, extra-curricular activities, and a social life.

So without further ado...

1. A planner (my all-time fave 💜)
I highly recommend buying one to help you keep track of your class schedule, homework assignments, projects, exams, and extra-curricular activities. I got this one from Home Goods and I really liked it because has a simple and straightforward layout and color scheme (grey and white). It also has a pop of color (neon salmon color) and if you read my dorm room post, you know I like my "pop of color"😜!

2. A laptop
It's portable and comes in handy when you need to write a paper or read something online instead of going to a computer lab. My laptop is extremely light and it has a touch screen because it functions as a tablet too! This is the Lenovo Yoga 710 btw! 

3. 5-subject notebook(s)
These are great for keeping most, if not all, your notes in one or two places for all your classes. Each section is separated by a two-sided yellow paper holder, so it is extremely convenient for keeping track of your papers and syllabus! Btw, I have one for each semester, so I only needed to purchase 2 for the school year. 

4. Pencil Pouch
This is a must-have for all your pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, white-out, and etc. It's not fun scrambling through your backpack just for a pencil. Plus, some pouches come with cute puns on them such as the one pictured above!

5. Notecards
Now, you don't necessarily need notecards in your backpack, but I like to carry them just in case I need to make flashcards for a class or jot down something quick. And they're a pretty cheap material to buy!😉

6. A water bottle
Hydration is key when you are in school, especially if you have to walk from one side of the campus to the other. Just buy whatever size and brand water bottle that suits your needs. Plus, most schools have a water fountain where you can refill your bottle whenever you need to. 
 Quench yo thirst!💧💧

7. Umbrella☔
I shouldn't have to convince you why you need an umbrella. There is a reason why there are two pockets on the sides of your backpack-one for your umbrella and one for your water bottle😉. I used to have a Vera Bradley umbrella with tons of color and a cute pattern that matched my purse in middle school (does anyone else remember the middle school Vera Bradley fashion craze!?!), but now I've settled for a basic umbrella because it does the job and homegirl has to save her money for more "important" things like...FOOD!😝

8. Tissues for your Issues
Cold and flu season are coming up and you don't want to find yourself sniffling and coughing your lungs out! If you do, make sure you have a portable pack of tissues to fix your allergy or cold-ridden issues.

9. Hand Sanitizer
This coincides with number 7! Please please please carry and use germ-x, especially if you are sick. There is nothing worse than having someone sneeze or cough into their hand and then they touch a door handle or a utensil at the caf. Just don't be that person. 
SANITIZE B4 YOU MAXIMIZE (the amount of people getting sick😷😷)

10. Gum
This is also one of my favorite "school" must-haves; basically, it's a must-have for life in general! Fresh breath is the way to go! Also, I use gum to help digest my food and focus better on my exams. Plus, you can never go wrong with buying an EXTRA amount of gum at the store. (You know I had to!😉)
P.S. Walgreens is a GREAT place to buy gum when they go on sale. sometimes they are $0.49 or 2 for a $1. 
*not sponsored*

11. Lotion
I don't know about you guys, but I can't stand having dry or ashy hands. Solution: lotion! Not only will your hands be moisturized, but you will smell good too! My favorite place to get lotion is Bath & Body Works and I especially like buying them during their seasonal sales! (warm vanilla sugar & cucumber melon are my 2 fave scents)
* Above is one my mom purchased from Victoria Secret a long time ago and gave to me. here's the link  if you want to check it out: Noir Tease 
(It has a different packaging now)

12. Perfume or body mist
If you want to smell good, perfume/ body mist or cologne if you are a guy, is the way to go. Normally, I stick with one or two main perfume/ body mist scents and I call them my "signature scents" that way someone could know it's me just by my fragrance😭😭. 
*unfortunately, this fragrance is discontinued , which is sad because it is such a HEAVENLY scent!!😍😍*

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you got some inspiration from one or all of these products! I hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend and I'll catch you next Sunday:) Don't forget to "stay classy"!💜

BTW, what is one thing you absolutely need to have in your backpack? 

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