Sunday, July 23, 2017

Friendship Reunions & Thrift Shopping

                                                                                   Hey classy crew!😊

Confused? Don't be. Welcome to the SQUADDDD!  (Do people even say squad anymore!?!😅) Oh well! I wanted to give you guys, my lovely readers, a name so we can feel more like a cute, little family instead of a random group of individuals reading words created from my brain. Do you guys like it? I do and I hope you do too. :)

Anyways, I practically spent almost everyday this week hanging out with friends and I am definitely grateful for it. The week started out with reconnecting with two friends from middle school; we discussed the past four years with each other and relived past memories over toasted Panera Bread sandwiches. Towards the end of the week, I ate lunch once again with my Stats girls (food is always a great way to bring people together😋) and later that day, I, and my counselor aid chicas, satisfied our sweet cravings with some much needed fro-yo (this summer heat is no joke!🔥🔥) And to finish off the week, another friend and I decided to do a little thrift store challenge.
                                                                        Check out our finds down below!

"I'm gonna pop some tags; only got twenty dollars in my pocket"-Macklemore

CHALLENGE: Our goal was to find as many articles of clothing that we liked that were the color of the day. (The color of the day was red, so everything with a red tag was $0.99!!) We had a $20 dollar limit and we could only buy four items that weren't the color of the day. 

Let's see how we did:
black & white striped high neck top: $4.49
*she didn't buy this watch and bracelet but they are s'cute with the outfit!*
model status👠
forest green top: $0.99
two-toned blue v-neck top: $0.99
gray graphic sleeveless top: $0.99

Total: $7.46
She basically killed this challenge with all her items except one being ONLY $0.99!! What a steal!

burnt orange sun dress: $5.99
and it has POCKETS!!! 👏👏
black flower patterned (it's supposed to be a dress but I turned it into a top): $5.99
and it has pockets TOO!!👏👏

black & white sleeveless top: $0.99
maroon tank top w/ white lace embellishment: $0.99

*I bought this romper before the challenge, but it was too cute not to share. It has pockets and was only $0.99!!!! Like what!?!*

Total: $12.76 w/ military discount (thanks dad!😊)

Honestly, this wasn't really a competition. Just a fun little thing to do, but if it was, Gabrielle definitely won. I just couldn't hit enough $0.99 jackpots that day, but oh whale!🐳😜 I highly suggest thrift shopping and making it into a little game if you want to spice up your hangouts with friends. 

Overall, this week has been quite the friendship reunion. It was really great spending some quality time with them and I hope to share some more summer memories with more friends before school starts back. I can't believe we are almost nearing the end of summer break; it has definitely gone by fast!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this fun, little post and I hope you have a great week! Don't forget to "stay classy" classy crew!💜


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